Wednesday, June 8, 2011

B2ST’s “Bad Girl” ranks first on Japan’s ‘Recochoku’

After achieving top album sales for the month of May with their “Fiction and Fact“ comeback, B2ST has done it again, but this time in Japan! The boys ranked first place on Japan’s biggest mobile site, ‘Recochoku‘, with their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl“.

B2ST already tucked away a prior achievement ranking as the first ever Korean artist to place first on ‘Recochoku’ with “Shock” back in March.

A representative of the Japanese music industry commented, “B2ST has ranked first twice in a row on ‘Recochoku’, which is a large-scale mobile site with over 30 prestigious Japanese record companies participating. Every time B2ST releases a new song, the standards in ‘Recochoku’ are being shaken. There is much anticipation being placed on their future activities.”

B2ST also added, “It was our 600th day yesterday, and we feel as if we’re receiving such a huge gift after winning #1 on a Korean music program, and receiving so much love from Japan. Thank you so much. We feel that our only way of repaying our fans’ love is to show an even better image on stage.”

source: allkpop

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