Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Bang’s Daesung makes an appearance on TV

MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” is drawing a ton of attention thanks to its June 11th broadcast, which featured an appearance from Big Bang’s Daesung.

In this episode, the boys of Big Bang were seen preparing for a festival. During a meeting with all the members, comedian Park Myung Soo and leader G-Dragon suggested to go with a music concept, thus clearing away many differences in opinions.

But what really caught the viewers’ attention was when Daesung sat down with Park Myung Soo, who was spitting some freestyle rap. Daesung and the other Big Bang members suggested that Park Myung Soo, who didn’t seem to understand ‘rap’, “try improvising humming instead.”

Since Daesung had been edited out completely from other programs because of his involvement with a major accident, his appearance on “Infinity Challenge” was a surprise to fans and viewers. Many were happy to see Daesung once again, even though the episode was pre-recorded.

On a side note, Park Myung Soo drew lots of laughter by going all the way to Big Bang’s Japanese concert and urging G-Dragon to write him a song.

source :allkpop

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