Friday, June 10, 2011

IU and Kim Yuna records theme song for “Kiss & Cry”

Singer IU and figure skating queen Kim Yuna have teamed up to record the theme song for Kim Yuna’s new show, “Kiss & Cry“. IU had requested for the opportunity on the show, and so on June 9th, the two met in a recording studio to tape the logo song, called “Ice Flower“.

Photos from the day were released simultaneously along with the news.

The staff on set said, “Kim Yuna showed skills that were as good as a singer’s during her solo parts, which allowed the recording session to end earlier than scheduled. The parts that they sang together also went flawlessly due to their great teamwork.”

They added, “The whole session went really well because of Kim Yuna’s amazing vocals and musical sensibilities. Kim Yuna hopes that the song will help boost the show’s popularity.”

As for the song itself, it will be revealed soon through the show. Stay tuned for updates!

source: allkpop

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