Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miki Fujimoto

Fujimoto miki

She had to audition before one band Dream. Although the final round. But that is to be eliminated. Then she came to audition for selection MM version 4, but her second to be eliminated. Later she was asked to a single singer. You must enter a period of one year singing course. And then she is a singer single Single from the first out. She was prominent in the ability to hide inside and at the end of 2002, she participated in the Shuffle Units are divided into groups every year. She was the peak of the album named Miki 1 and Concert tour of their own. Own later this year she had the opportunity to work with Ayaya Goto and named the band. Gomatto single out called Shall we love? The music is still used in concert until now. After the New Year "Kohaku Utagassen" in 2002 complete with good Tsunku Sang is pulling her into MM as a model for six of the band joined her situation is very strange and difficult to understand. Because normally. Graduated from the band members often go into the path of solo singers. But in her case is just the opposite, she has fans who follow her from a solo singer. And still waiting for her return to Solo again

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