Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Spoiler] Lee Da Hae and Park Yoo Chun become a ‘biker couple’ on “Miss Ripley”

On the latest episode of “Miss Ripley“, Lee Da Hae and Park Yoochun were seen wearing matching leather jackets and jeans as they set off for an exciting motorcycle date.

Although Yoochun had shown a soft image as the kind-hearted heir to a resort chain, he revealed a tough and masculine side in this scene. Lee Da Hae, who usually flaunts a feminine style as ‘Jang Mi Ri‘, also underwent a surprising image change for the scene.

The motorcycle, which cost about $37,000 USD, was flown in especially for the filming at Banpo Bridge. When the two actors heard that they would be riding a motorcycle, they couldn’t hide back their smiles. Yoochun in particularly enjoys driving fast cars, so he was very happy at the prospect of sitting on a motorbike.

The publishers stated, “Yoochun, who had previously shown only a gentle charisma, is starting to reveal his actual tough masculinity. The viewers’ hearts will pound at the sight of him and Lee Da Hae on the motorcycle, getting ready for a new beginning. Please look forward to it!”

source: allkpop

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