Tuesday, May 31, 2011

J.Y. Park reveals short teaser of 2PM’s new song

Earlier this week, J.Y. Park successfully completed his first fan meeting in 10 years. On May 31st, he shifted his attention to 2PM’s fans by releasing a short teaser for their new song.

J.Y. Park posted a video on his me2day saying,

“My second crazy act?!? I uploaded it at 2PM ^^ (I wonder why I posted it at 2PM?)”

In the video, J.Y. Park can be seen in the studio with Manny Marroquin as he guides his fans in the process of mixing, and also discusses Manny Marroquin’s favorite Asian artist.

We’ve translated his dialogue, so be sure to check out the video below!

“Hello, today’s crazy act is to briefly explain the mixing stage of music production.

After the instruments are recorded and all the singers finishing singing, these elements are all put into this mixing board to be combined. If we were to put it in the context of an orchestra, it would be like conducting. So if you see here, each column has one sound and we are adjusting the sound by using variants such as the EQ to make it into the sound I want.

Once we get the overall balance of all the sounds, we combine them to make a song…

There is a step after this called mastering, I will explain that next time. Now, my most beloved partner that I am mixing with, who won the Grammy for engineering last year, the world’s best engineer, Manny Marroquin! He has worked with me on miss A and 2PM’s albums and will be doing so again this time… Hope you enjoyed this video. Next time (if I get the chance) I will do a video on mastering.“

source: allkpop

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