Thursday, June 23, 2011

U-KISS’s Dongho tweets from Osaka

U-KISS’s Dongho recently shared some sel-cas from Osaka.

On his twitter he wrote, “Filming at Tsutenkaku Tower. It’s so hot today,” and added a photo of himself with the city skyline in the background. “One cut from the rooftop, and another from inside the museum,” he added, “Trying hard right now to give off a touristy feel.”

Dongho is smiling and posing in both pictures, and manages to indeed look like a tourist in Japan.

Fans commented, “You look like a baby,” “You actually do look like a tourist,” and “It’s great to see that you’re having a good time in Japan.”

Dongho and his groupmates are busily preparing for their Japanese debut.

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f(x)’s Krystal and Victoria attend ‘HAZZYS 2011 F/W Collection’ launch

On June 23rd, f(x)’s Krystal and Victoria attended the 2011 F/W collection launch event for HAZZYS Accessories at the LG Fashion West Building.

This particular collection was headed by creative director Roberto Franco, whose talents have been recognized by superstar fashion designers like Paul Smith and Marc Jacobs.

Check out photos from the event below!

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f(x) to share fashion secrets and desires on “Actress’ House”

On the upcoming episode of FashionN’s ”Actress’ House“, girl group f(x) revealed all their fashion secrets.

The girls had fun shopping with the MCs in the streets near Ewha Womans University.

During the interview segments, Krystal confessed, “I get in so much trouble if I wear unni’s (SNSD Jessica’s) clothes without asking. If I want to wear something, I always ask her.” She continued, “She’s a celebrity too, so in order to respect each other, we don’t wear the same clothes ever.”

Later, Amber and Krystal revealed some surprising styles desires.

The group’s tomboy said, “I used to wear ribbons and skirts. I have a boyish style now, but I may wear skirts in the future.” Krystal shared, “I want to try out Amber’s boyish shortcut hairstyle.”

Amber also showed off the contents of her sketchbook on the show.

Fans can check out the full episode when it airs on the 24th.

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CNBLUE addresses rumors about trashing peer-given CDs

CNBLUE has been ensnared in a rather unusual controversy. Rumors claim that the group were throwing out signed CDs from their fellow artists. Their agency, FNC Music, has just clarified that “These are nothing but ill-intended rumors that must have been started by a ’sasaeng’ fan.” A ’sasaeng’ fan is an individual who invades a celebrity’s privacy to stalker-level lengths.

The issue first came up on June 21st, when a netizen uploaded alleged photo evidence from CNBLUE’s trash. The artists whose albums were thrown away are only referred to as group “A” and group “B,” but both are apparently very famous and popular. Group “B” particularly drew a lot of attention because they are seniors to CNBLUE.

The netizen who created the post wrote, “I found these CDs in the trash outside of CNBLUE’s apartment some time around July or August of last year. I was very surprised to see that the albums had been thrown out; I knew that they were specialty items, and so I took them with me. I wish I had taken pictures of the scene for evidence, but I didn’t think of it at the time.”

Netizens who saw the post responded with harsh criticisms against CNBLUE, but fans of the group retaliated with “This has to be fabricated,” and “There’s no way that CNBLUE would do such a thing.”

Other netizens tried to mediate between the two sides by commenting that everyone should hold their comments until the company released an official statement about the matter.

FNC Music stated, “We saw the photo evidence, but there is no way that CNBLUE would do this.” They explained that the group always listens to and stores all gifted CDs in their personal workspace.

Whether or not this official statement will quell the rumors remain to be seen.

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Dal Shabet’s Subin and Serri to sing for ‘God’s Quiz 2′ OST

Dal Shabet’s Subin and Serri are releasing a ballad for the first time in their career.

The idols recently lent their voices for the OST of ”God’s Quiz 2” with a track called, ”Turn Your Head“. The song has been described to be a ballad with a gentle melody and sad lyrics; it’s scheduled to be released on June 24th.

Commenting on their participation in the soundtrack, the girls said, “It’s an honor to be able to participate in the soundtrack album of ‘God’s Quiz 2′, which placed 1st in viewer rankings on cable TV. We are nervous as well, since this is our first ballad as well as our first OST track. We did our best to express our emotions in the song, so we hope that you’ll all love it.”

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet is currently preparing for their comeback in early August.

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B2ST celebrates the release of “Bad Girl” in Japan with special “Beast Night” concert

Celebrating the release of their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl“, B2ST held a special mini-concert called “BEAST NIGHT” at Tokyo’s Studio Coast!

Drawing over 4,000 fans, the concert was held twice in one night, each with different song performances. The boys’ popularity in Japan was further proven by the extensive media coverage, as 30 major Japanese media outlets were there to report on it, the most noteworthy being Nikkan Sports and Hochi.

B2ST kicked up an electrifying atmosphere that amplified their fans from start to finish.

Reporters called it a scene straight out of a full-fledged concert, which demonstrated the boys’ ability to turn even minor events into a special one.

Lucky fans were also given the opportunity to hold conversations with the members by asking them questions, and ten more were chosen to come on stage to receive autographed posters.

Cube Entertainment revealed that fans in their teens and 20s, and even male fans in their 30s and 40s, all made the trip from Osaka, Nagoya, and other regions across Japan to see the boys.

“B2ST” will be introducing their new single through “HEY HEY HEY” before finishing up their final two “BEAST NIGHT” concerts on June 23rd.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos

Glen Campbell is largest when the singer of the Hollywood film. He was born in April 22, 1936. He is the best known well for a number of hits in 1960'erne and 1970'erne, as well as to the hosting a number of shows cold The Glen Campbell Goodtime time in broadcast television. He is an largest pop-singer of U.S.A (America).

During sinus 50 year in show business, ha Campbell published more than 70 albums. He Has Sold 45 million records and tormented PA 12 RIAA Gold albums, four Platinum albums and one double-platinum album. Af His 74 Overture pop in the country charts, the country's 27 I Top 10 Campbell's hits includes John Hartford is "gentle mod My Mind", Jimmy Webb is "At the cave three times daily, my comes to the Phoenix," "Wichita Lineman" and "Galveston", Larry Weiss is "Rhinestone Cowboy" and Allen Toussaint is "Southern Nights".

Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos

Campbell wrote history at the reel trademark Grammys I invited Country and pop categories in 1967. For the "Gentle On My Mind" to He Received prizes Country & Western, "The fact that the three times daily, my comes to the Phoenix" made ​​in the same I pop. He Ejer trofæer for Mand Vocalist of the Year from bothering the Country Music Association (CMA) and Academy of Country Music (ACM), and SM CMA The top honor in 1968, Entertainer of the Year.

In 1969 Campbell
were hand-picked of actor John Wayne two on the game together with ham in the movie 'True Grit, Which GAV Campbell as Golden Globe nominations for most promising debut. Campbell sang titelsangen, Which was Nominated for an Oscar.

Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos
Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos
Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos
Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos
Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos
Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos
Glen Campbell Wiki & Hot Photos

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Remarkable Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls and Women

Remarkable Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls and Women

Selena Gomez “I Love You Like a Love Song” Stills

The actress turned singer Selena Gomez shows off a creative edge in the video, looking super-sexy to boot. She released a sneak peak of her “I Love You Like a Love Song” music video.

American Paddock Girls

MotoGP race weekend's aren't only riders and bikes, they also include these all American paddock girls at Laguna Seca. The real estate market in the US is not recovering at all. In fact it is dying. The demands for new interest rate rises by those that see inflation as a Paddock Girls. Paddock girls, Superbike USA Miller Motorsports Park told you so that girls were not far away. As always, Americans are The Official Page Of Paddock girls.