Thursday, June 23, 2011

CNBLUE addresses rumors about trashing peer-given CDs

CNBLUE has been ensnared in a rather unusual controversy. Rumors claim that the group were throwing out signed CDs from their fellow artists. Their agency, FNC Music, has just clarified that “These are nothing but ill-intended rumors that must have been started by a ’sasaeng’ fan.” A ’sasaeng’ fan is an individual who invades a celebrity’s privacy to stalker-level lengths.

The issue first came up on June 21st, when a netizen uploaded alleged photo evidence from CNBLUE’s trash. The artists whose albums were thrown away are only referred to as group “A” and group “B,” but both are apparently very famous and popular. Group “B” particularly drew a lot of attention because they are seniors to CNBLUE.

The netizen who created the post wrote, “I found these CDs in the trash outside of CNBLUE’s apartment some time around July or August of last year. I was very surprised to see that the albums had been thrown out; I knew that they were specialty items, and so I took them with me. I wish I had taken pictures of the scene for evidence, but I didn’t think of it at the time.”

Netizens who saw the post responded with harsh criticisms against CNBLUE, but fans of the group retaliated with “This has to be fabricated,” and “There’s no way that CNBLUE would do such a thing.”

Other netizens tried to mediate between the two sides by commenting that everyone should hold their comments until the company released an official statement about the matter.

FNC Music stated, “We saw the photo evidence, but there is no way that CNBLUE would do this.” They explained that the group always listens to and stores all gifted CDs in their personal workspace.

Whether or not this official statement will quell the rumors remain to be seen.

source: allkpop

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