Wednesday, June 22, 2011

miss A reveals their dorm for the very first time

It’s a rare opportunity to be able to look into the homes and personal spaces of Korea’s most popular idols. Fans are always curious about what their homes are like, but usually are only able to see passing scenes in reality shows if they’re lucky.

As such, Sports Donga took it upon themselves to solve the curious case in celebration of their 1,000th edition. They decided to visit miss A’s dorm, which was never once revealed to the public. Interestingly enough, the Sports Donga journalists were also the first ‘men’ to step foot inside.

The girls live in an apartment 30-pyeong big that they moved into last June. The walls are decorated with fan-drawn portraits of the members, one of whom was revealed to be living separate from the group.

Excluding Min, Fei, Jia, and Suzy live in the dorm with rooms of their own. Min lives with her family in Geumho-dong, but she sometimes visits the dorm to hang out with her girls.

At the mention of the dorm being clean, Jia responded with a shy smile, “We actually began cleaning three days ago.” Min added, “I didn’t know the place was so big until after we cleaned up. This is my first time seeing it so clean.”

The girls actually have a maid come over twice a week to help them clean since they’re busy preparing for their new album. The biggest room is used by maknae Suzy because she used to share with Jia.

After her schedule patterns began differing due to irregular filming schedules for “Dream High“, Jia moved rooms to give her space.

Suzy explained, “I came home from filming one day and realized that she moved rooms. She had decorated the room for me. It was really pretty.”

Jia and Fei revealed that they had lived with eight others in a home for three years when they were trainees. Jia said, “The best thing about debuting with miss A was that we all could have our own rooms.”

Although agencies provide dorms for ease of travel to and from schedules, living in a dorm is up to the idols themselves. Small to mid-sized agencies are able to provide up to 20-pyeong big apartments, while larger agencies provide 30-pyeong big apartments or villas.

Girl groups usually live with a female manager in their dorms, but miss A lives completely on their own. They also don’t have restrictions on leaving the dorm on their free time, and are provided a monthly allowance to live off of.

Jia and Fei said, “We don’t have a lot of friends so there aren’t a lot of places to go to anyway. We spend most of our time in the dorm. We probably visited the COEX mall about 100 times.”

The only people who visit the dorm are family members or friends. Suzy’s parents will often make a visit from Gwangju and stay the night.

Other groups like Rania, A Pink, CHI CHI, Boyfriend, and even CNBLUE and SECRET don’t have cell phones in order to focus completely on their album activities. miss A, on the other hand, never had to give up them up. In fact, they’ve even upgraded to smartphones after their debut and each possess an iPad.

It’s understandable why cell phones are so important to Jia and Fei.

Since they’re far away from their homes, the girls revealed that their smartphones are the only tools that help them deal with their loneliness.

The girls usually don’t eat at home, and maybe snack if they’re hungry. Their fridge is filled with cakes, ice cream, coffee, milk, juice, yogurt, ham, and side dishes like kimchi.

A part of the fridge is also taken up by red wine and champagne, drinks that Fei and Jia sometimes enjoy on their own. There are also foreign brand products sent from family members in China, like red pepper paste, crackers, ramen, and dried fruit.

Although they don’t cook often, Fei is said to be an exceptionally talented chef. On her birthday, she threw a small party with her labelmates and personally cooked Chinese dishes. When they were trainees, Fei would even pack lunches for the other members.

Just like their individual styles, the girls had varying tastes when it came to decorating their rooms. Fei opted for a bright red, while Jia centered hers around the color brown; Suzy meanwhile went with pink.

Fei revealed herself to be a collector of body mists, and a fan of hats and sunglasses. Meanwhile, Jia possessed an overflowing closet, but her room is impeccably neat and well-organized.

Reporters noticed a row of books by Suzy’s bed and found that they were mostly Chinese lesson books, novels, and practice notebooks from school. Out of the three, she has the most stuffed animals.

When asked to choose the prettiest room, Min chose Jia’s.

source: allkpop

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