Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iris member Lee Eun Mi stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend

On June 19th, Lee Eun Mi (24), the lead vocalist of female group ‘Iris‘, was reported to have been murdered by her boyfriend at 2 AM KST.

On June 22nd, Saheung police revealed that they had issued an arrest warrant for Cho (28) for stabbing Lee several times while she was on her way home.

Investigations revealed that the two had discussed marriage plans before Lee broke off their relationship, causing Cho to feel overrun by anger which eventually ended in murder.

Through witness accounts, Cho was eventually arrested at a rest stop.

Lee’s sibling wrote on her mini-homepage, stating, “Hello, this is Lee Eun Mi’s younger sibling. Today, my sister left for Heaven. I still cannot believe it. Please pray that she may rest in peace.”

An old friend of Lee’s also wrote, “Eun Mi is sleeping. She’s a dongseng I met through Mano Entertainment and is also the main vocalist for a group named Iris. I will be attending her funeral tonight. I hope you go to a better place, Eun Mi.”

Iris is a female group under Fly 21 Entertainment that debuted in 2005 with their single album, “Message of Love“.

Our condolences to her family and loved ones. May she rest in peace.

source : allkpop

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