Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fans discover photos from Min Kyung Hoon’s comeback MV shoot

Last week, rock vocalist Min Kyung Hoon announced that he’d be making a comeback with his second mini-album. Impatient fans have already begun buzzing online with news of his comeback and even managed to discover new photos of him taken from the set of his music video.

Netizens commented, “Who is that woman?”, “I’m going to get jealous! Seems like he’s posing like that for a recording”, “I want to be that woman”, and “Thankfully he looks a bit awkward with her.”

Min Kyung Hoon’s agency clarified, “They are pictures taken from the set of his music video for his title track. We banned pictures from being taken on the set, but it seems a staff member leaked them online.”

They continued, “The actress he’s with is a rookie named Seo Haerim. The music video will be worth the wait, so we ask that you look forward to it.”

Keywords like ‘Min Kyung Hoon Comeback’ are already ranking in on live search portals, so stay tuned for his comeback release on June 27th!

source: allkpop

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