Friday, June 17, 2011

FTC revises entertainment contracts to protect underage artists

The Korean entertainment industry continues to be bombarded with issues like the ’spread leg dance’, which drew criticisms over inappropriate choreography for underaged artists.

It inspired the Fair Trade Commission to announce on June 17th that revisions would be made to standardize certain clauses in entertainment contracts.

Going forward, entertainment agencies must guarantee the protection of basic rights for their teenage artists. This will be done through the 18th Amendment, which established three new clauses:

The first clause makes it mandatory for entertainment agencies to protect the physical and psychological health of their artists, their right to education, their personal rights, their right to sleep and rest, and their right to freedom of choice.

The second clause prohibits entertainment agencies from asking their underage artists to dress in revealing clothing and dance provocative choreography for the purpose of attracting attention.

The third clause prohibits entertainment agencies from forcing their artists to work for an excessive amount of hours. The FTC explained that the amendment was a reflection of the opinions of the Celebrity Entertainment Management Association, the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

source: allkpop

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