Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kan Mi Youn sees the funny side of rumors of her dating Hwanhee

Singer Kan Mi Youn expressed that she found it funny that a rumor that she is dating singer Hwanhee has been spreading.

On May 31st, when asked about the dating rumor through a phone interview with a Korean news source, Kan Mi Youn replied, “It’s too funny.”

On May 30th, pictures of Kan Mi Youn and Hwanhee standing outside of a restaurant spread across the internet, catching the eyes of netizens. With the picture portraying a paparazzi feel, netizens began to wonder if the two people were actually dating.

Kan Mi Youn explained, “About a month ago, we met an agency’s president’s wedding. Because he was at the wedding, I greeted him. We are the same age and we used to hang out a lot in the past, so we are close friends.” She added, “I noticed that somebody took a picture of us, but I didn’t care much about it. However, I was dumbfounded that it blew up a month later. I think it’s funny.”

Meawhile, Kan Mi Youn stated, “I’ve been performing at many places because it’s the festival period. I think the release of my new album will be pushed back a bit.”

source: allkpop

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