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Pregnancy Exercises for Hip Pain

Pregnancy Exercises for Hip Pain

There comes a number of changes in your body while pregnancy. The hormones level in your body change, your uterus grows larger, you have to sleep in restricted postures and you experience fatigue due to increasing weight of baby. All these factors contribute towards hip and pelvic pain during pregnancy. But don’t worry now. We have few pregnancy exercises for you that will help your muscles get relaxed and reduce the pain.But before following these pregnancy exercises,  you should be very careful because they can directly affect our body and baby. It is better to have some fitness trainer to guide and do not do these exercises until you get to learn the exact posture.

Leg Raises

The most simple exercise to relax your pelvic area is leg raising. Just lay down on your back with your leg muscles stretched. Lift both your legs by supporting your hips with hands, keep them like this for 10 seconds and then bring back. Repeat this procedure for 5 times. This will release tension from your hips and make your leg muscles flexible.

Hip Flexor Stretches
Now for hip flexor stretches, again you have to lay down on your back with legs stretched. Now raise your right leg in air and bend it down from knees towards your chest and then rest it back on floor. Now you have to stand up slowly. After standing straight, move your left leg forward and right leg backward and then bend the left leg from knee and stretch your body lightly. Do the same with your right leg forward and left leg backward.

Pelvic Tilts

This exercise is good to eliminate pain from abdomen and pelvic muscles. After laying down straight, fold your legs on knees and keep your hands at your sides. Now you have to inhale and exhale while keeping the movement of hips and back in rhythm to it. Inhale slowly while keeping your back and hip slightly rose. Then exhale slowly while your hips and back will come to the rest position again.

Butterfly Stretches

Butterfly stretches are useful for your body to make it relax but it affects the thighs most. You don’t need to lie down here. Just sit on the exercise mat and bend your knees while your feet’s soles should be touching each other. Now you have to press your knees up and down, not exerting much pressure. It you find it strenuous the leave it immediately.

These exercises can be dangerous rather being useful if you do them on your own. The best solution is to join some parental yoga centre. They also give physiotherapy exercises that will reduce your pain.

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