Thursday, June 2, 2011

T-ara to launch their own café franchise, “Cafe Page One”

T-ara has just announced that they will be opening a café in Kangnam that will be developed into a nation-wide chain of 500 stores!

The girls personally designed and invested in the café alongside their Core Contents Media CEO, Kim Kwang Soo. “Cafe Page One” will open on July 1st under a ’star shop’ concept, and the girls will be present to greet the customers themselves.

Commenting on the coffee franchise, the CEO stated, “By using our status in entertainment to create a small area of leisure, I wanted to show people that the entertainment industry was not something that’s so different or far from them. We’re currently planning to open up to 500 stores nationwide.”

He continued, “The café’s name was influenced from the cafe Eunjung ran in her drama, ‘Coffee House.’”

source: allkpop

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