Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jung Il Woo goes on a guerrilla date with his fans in Hongdae

On June 9th, actor Jung Il Woo was a guest on KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” and went on a guerrilla date through the streets of Hongdae.

In the traditional style of the show, fans immediately recognized the “49 Days” star and swarmed around him and his camera crew. Jung Il Woo welcomed his fans’ embrace and regarded each of them with a warm smile.

Although he had tweeted his fans a meeting location prior to the recording, the mass influx of fans that showed up led him to spontaneously change his course.

Through his Twitter, the star wrote, “I had so much fun meeting everyone at our guerrilla date today. I didn’t get that far because so many people showed up, so I’m sorry for those that had waited.”

Check out the full episode when it ars at 9:05 PM KST on June 11th!

source: allkpop

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